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Anti-Wrinkle Injectables for Anti-Ageing Treatment

Anti-wrinkle injections are a popular, anti-ageing procedure performed to reduce and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Cosmetic Injectables

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Treatment

2 area package & 3 area packages available


The treatment works by stopping the chemical signal between the nerve and the muscle, causing temporary relaxation of the muscle. As a result, the muscle relaxes and lifts, softening the look of lines and giving a tighter, smoother more youthful appearance.

What Is It

Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used as a preventative measure to help soften the appearance of already present facial lines, and prevent further deepening of current expression lines.

Unlock Your Youthful Glow

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Discover the Areas We Can Target with Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Popular treatment ares for anti-wrinkle are, but not limited to;

  • Frown 
  • Forehead 
  • Crow’s feet 
  • Gummy smile 
  • Lip flip 
  • Chin 
  • DAO (downward pull of the mouth)
  • Bunny lines 
  • Masseter muscle/TMJ (for teeth grinding/bruxism) 
  • Platysma bands 

Before & After

Before, and 2 weeks post anti-wrinkle treatment.

Results are seen approximately 2 weeks post procedure, and can last 3-4 months. 

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We offer a range of anti-wrinkle products that are most suited to you. At your complimentary consultation, the Cosmetic Injector can openly talk discuss with you regarding which market leading, premium products are most suited to you.

You will begin to see a notable difference in muscle activity 3-5 days post treatment, with the full effect  seen at 14 days. This effect normally lasts up to 3-4 months, depending on the individual.

It is recommended to have repeat anti wrinkle treatments every 3-4 months, or when the movement is not fully back to normal. This will ensure your treatments are overlapped, maintaining a continued, softened look.

Yes. As a new client, it is imperative that you attend your review appointment booked for you at the 2 week mark. This is to determine whether or not the prescribed doses have had their desired effect, and whether or not a top-up is required. Top-up’s are very normal when being treated for the first time, as the Cosmetic Injector is cautious not to over inject and cause an undesired effect.

No. You will not be considered a candidate for anti-wrinkle treatments if you have any of the following:
• Myasthenia Gravis 
• Allergy to ingredients in injectables
• Neuromuscular disorder 
• Pregnant or breastfeeding 

Individual dosages are just that – very individualised and will vary from person to person dependent on your desired aesthetic outcome, age, gender, fitness level, natural aesthetic features etc. Your dosage will be determined by our experienced Cosmetic Injector at your appointment and a quote provided. You are also welcome to book a free consultation prior to an appointment where doses and a quote can also be provided.

It is recommended to avoid any strenuous activity and heavy alcohol intake 24 hours prior to your appointment as these can increase the risk of inflammation and bruising. All injectable treatments carry the risk of bruising and swelling however to reduce this risk, please avoid the following; taking any anti-inflammatories, fish oil, aspirin, herbal remedies, ginseng, St John’s Wort etc.

To avoid any undesired side effects of your treatment, Amanda Fritz Aesthetics asks you to adhere to the following after-care instructions 
• For the following 4 hours post treatment;
• No rubbing, touching or applying any pressure to the treated area 
• Remain upright 
• No lying face down 
• No beauty treatments, waxing, facials or massages 
• Avoid strenuous activity, including any activity that keeps your head down for an extended period of time

Following this, it is recommended you avoid: 
• Any skin treatments such as skin needling, microdermabrasion, laser, dermal rolling for 2 weeks 
• Avoid alcohol for 24 hours 
• Avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours 
• Avoid saunas, hot yoga, ice baths etc for 48 hours 
It is common to experience a mild headache post treatment so if pain relief is required, please take Panadol. Avoid taking aspirin or iburopren as this will increase your risk of bruising.

What our clients say

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andrea lockett
andrea lockett
My first time here & was recommended by a friend who has been a regular client of Amanda’s. Very welcoming and Beautifully appointed Salon and my consult with Amanda was great , informative and listened to what I was wanting to achieve. Made a booking and looking forward to a freshen up !!
Jacinta Petersen
Jacinta Petersen
Couldn’t recommend these ladies highly enough. From the moment I walked in, I noticed the clinic was beautifully designed & clean. Amanda and Alisha were both so welcoming. I saw Nurse Alisha today for treatment. I was quite nervous, but she took time to thoroughly explain everything to me, talk me through the whole process, she was so comforting and helped me feel at ease. The girls are so incredibly knowledgeable, I could tell they take a lot of pride in their work. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Anyone looking for cosmetic injectables - especially as a first timer - book in, you won’t regret it!! Thank you Alisha & Amanda. X
Keryn Geer
Keryn Geer
Absolutely lovely experience. Would highly recommend 🥰 As always it’s a very welcoming and friendly environment. I love the honesty and advise given.
Jen Kinnane
Jen Kinnane
The nurses at Amanda Fritz Aesthetics are extremely professional, skilled, genuine and consistent in their results. Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Robyn Holmes
Robyn Holmes
Amanda is so positive and really lifts you up and will do her absolute best to make you feel better about yourself and have more confidence. She is so professional and treats all her clients with genuine care and interest.
Tamara Ryan
Tamara Ryan
Alisha is amazing and so knowledgeable, realistic and happy to help with any concern! So happy with my treatment plan that she made for me and she really took the time and effort to make it feel super personalised to me and my face.
Sarah Wallin
Sarah Wallin
Thank you to Alisha who took the time to chat to me about my treatment and options , and delivered virtually a pain free treatment.
Alex Blayden
Alex Blayden
Couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out. Very professional and friendly. Would definitely recommend.
Garry Ugarte
Garry Ugarte
Thankyou Amanda for making me feel good, I'm very happy with my results. Rosemary
Anna Meng
Anna Meng
This is my first time ever have filler. To be honest I don’t know what to expect but Amanda made it very easy for me and I already can see some result straight away now I can’t wait in 4 weeks time what it would be like. She is wonderful and really know what she is doing. Highly recommended.

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